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    Trending Kitchen Colors

    When you think of adding pops of color to your home, the rooms you think of are probably living rooms, bedrooms and maybe home offices, but what about the kitchen? The cooks in the family probably spend a ton of time in there, much like a bedroom or living area, so why not brighten and liven it up with some color?

    According to Martha Stewart, the queen of home decor, trending kitchen colors include terracotta, dusty pink, deep blues and greens and natural whites. So, how do you decide what color (or colors) you should add to your kitchen? We’re going to go through some color psychology and discuss the kinds of benefits these hues may add to your cooking space.


    The terracotta in this kitchen is prominent, but definitely not in a bad way. The warmth of the room is almost palpable through the screen.

    Orange is a very polarizing color; you either have very positive or very negative feelings towards it. In general, orange represents energy, warmth and excitement, which honestly seems perfect for a kitchen belonging to people who have early morning breakfasts or those who love warm weather but are living somewhere like, well, the Pocono Mountains. Some studies have even shown the color orange to help boost digestive health.

    As mentioned before, though, the color can be a lot to handle, which is where shades like terracotta come in. Terracotta is deeper and more earthy than pure orange, while still maintaining that bright and exciting vibe. It would look great on the walls or even one of the bigger kitchen appliances like the refrigerator or the stove. Depending on the other colors in the room, it would even make for a great not-quite-classic cabinet color.

    Dusty pink

    That dusty pink makes for a sweet, homey addition in the orchid on the right. It brings great color into the space.

    In general, pink is an overwhelmingly positive color. It represents romance and kindness; bright shades and tints incite vibrancy and festivity. A dustier shade keeps the sweetness and drops the loudness, making it another good color for a space you spend a lot of time in. The more undersaturated nature of a dusty rose type of shade also invokes coziness and nostalgia, especially in a room where you spend time with loved ones.

    I wouldn’t suggest painting your kitchen walls with this color; there are some people who aren’t big fans of the color pink and may stay away from a room covered in it. Accessories and utensils in this color family, though, could add exactly the pop of color you need without being overwhelming.

    Deep blue and green

    Use of a deep blue on the cabinets here is a nice contrast to the light hardwood floor and the dark dining furniture.

    Blue is one of the most popular ‘favorite colors’ in the world, and because of this, it is perceived as non-threatening and calming. The deeper and darker the blue, the more soothing and inviting it becomes. Blue is well-known as a relaxing color, and many people make sure it’s somewhere in their bedrooms and living rooms. The kitchen shouldn’t be any different, and I think it’s a great color to have in your kitchen if you’re particularly experimental with your cooking. People always say the key to being successful at something is believing you can do it, and usually that requires a sound mind and a calm heart. What better way than to surround yourself with one of the most calming colors of the rainbow?

    One of the downsides of having the color blue in your kitchen is that it’s been known to lower one’s appetite. I guess as long as you’re not eating in the kitchen, it might be okay, but that’s certainly something to consider.

    Green can be another very calming and grounding color, probably based in its relation to nature. On the other hand, it can also invoke excitement and energy. Of course, this depends on the shade or tint; deeper and darker greens are often more relaxing and safe while bright and vibrant greens are louder and more energizing. Again, a deep green would be a great color to add to your kitchen if you’re aiming to bring comfort to the space.

    Natural white

    Here you can see the use of white on the cabinets and ceiling and deep green and terracotta in the decor. The warmth of the space is inviting and homey and a great place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before work.

    White can be a great color for a kitchen if you’re going for a clean, fresh feeling. The color or I guess lack thereof, invokes feelings of peacefulness, cleanliness and openness, which honestly, would make for a refreshing environment, especially in the mornings. Cooler shades of white do give people a sense of emptiness or blandness, but more natural and warmer shades like those trending are certainly more positive and welcoming.

    I wouldn’t suggest using only white in the kitchen, either, because that’s where blandness will come in no matter what the shade. Use of it on the walls, ceiling and even appliances can open up the space without making it look too sterile, and including other colors in the cabinets and accessories will keep it warm and inviting. Shades that would look great in the kitchen include eggshell, floral white and ivory.

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