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    New Year, New Bathroom

    It’s January 2020, the beginning of a new year and a new decade and, for many, the beginning of a new habit or routine. Instead of giving up caffeine or making a pact to go to the gym every day, update your home — specifically, one of the most under-appreciated rooms in everyone’s home: the bathroom. Here are a few trendy ways to rejuvenate your restroom and some Pinterest links to help inspire you!

    Photo by Kim Cornelison

    Accents & color palettes

    Accent walls

    Everyone loves a good accent wall, but no one thinks about accenting the bathroom! Typically, you see accent walls in common areas like living rooms, dens and dining rooms, but in 2020, it’s all about wall hierarchy in the restroom. Even with a soft, light color palette like whites and pastel blues, an accent wall can add a lot of visual interest, whether with bright, stand-out colors or interesting and busy textures and patterns.

    Along with simply livening up the room and the color palette, a feature wall can also bring attention to a showstopping piece in the room, like a fabulous clawfoot bathtub or a gorgeous custom vanity. An addition like this can also bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room that doesn’t necessarily possess those qualities, according to Gena Kirk, vice president of the corporate studio at KB Home.

    Be sure to provide enough contrast between the regular walls and the feature walls, as well as anything else that may be a focal point in the room, like the floor or lighting. Remember, the point of an accent wall is to make it an accent, not to add more noise to a small, already noisy space.

    Black accents

    Photo by Jennifer Worts

    On the subject of class and sophistication, the color black is so well-known for its air of grace and elegance, especially when it’s tastefully added to a room. Kitchens are the only rooms that see a whole lot of black, so why not bring it into the bathroom, too? Yes, bathrooms are usually small spaces — typically the smallest in the house — and black could close off that space and make it feel so much smaller than it is. The solution to this concern? Accents.

    Like the kitchen, black appliances are very common and can provide the perfect amount of the darkest color on the spectrum. You can find black toilets, black and white freestanding tubs, and even black sinks, all of which can add that touch of darkness to the room without making anyone who enters feel too claustrophobic. If you’re not into black appliances, it can also be added with accessories and decorations. For example, black frames on a mirror or art, a black chandelier hanging from the ceiling or a black stool to sit on and apply your makeup can also provide the class without committing too much to the darkness. Accessories that are easy to swap out just in case you don’t like the look of them are a great starting point to applying this trend to your bathroom.

    Photo by Novo + Marrero

    Natural tones & textures

    A big trend in the last few years has been adding lots of greenery in the form of houseplants to your home, especially the bathroom. The usually-light color palettes of restrooms make them the perfect canvas to add green and brown accents from plants, and in 2020, this trend focuses on those earthy tones standing out even more.

    Again, a white or light-colored room is the perfect canvas to start adding natural colors, and even textures, to the space. Painting an accent wall a deep green or finding a fun, jungle leaf wallpaper are easy ways to update your bathroom with not one but two 2020 trends. Even adding earthy art or decorations to the space can warm it up and bring nature into your home.


    Of course, updating your appliances is something that should always be on your mind, especially if your home is getting up there in age and you haven’t replaced anything in a while.

    Large showers

    Photo by LA Light Photo

    Yes, saving space in a tight room is important, but also, allowing space for your important appliances can be so rewarding for your ability to relax and truly feel good when you’re using them. Take, for instance, the shower. Whether it’s a stand-up stall or a shower/tub combo, they’re usually pretty tight on space and can make you feel trapped when you’re just trying to clean yourself. Open up that space and give yourself the room you deserve.

    Everyone’s seen those big, waterfall-like showers with water cascading from the ceiling or the open-concept shower stalls with marble surrounding you on three sides. That idea is very trendy right now, and for good reason. Big shower areas bring in spa vibes and feel more luxurious than a basic, small stall or tub combo. Treat yo’ self this decade and open it up; you won’t regret it.

    Spa-inspired luxuries

    As mentioned before, spas are in. This trend of spa-inspired bathrooms can be implemented in several ways. Technology in the bathroom is ever-expanding, from smart showerheads to waterproof speakers, so, again, treat yo’ self. With the expansion of the tech, the prices for less advanced but still advanced items come down, too, so if you’re worried about spending too much on a room that not everyone sees, don’t. Find something you love for a lower price and allow yourself the luxury to make every day feel like a spa day.

    This trend can also be implemented in other appliances, like fancy soap dispensers for your sink, or the addition of a bidet to your toilet to bring a little European flair to your porcelain palace. Even adding a speaker that’s always playing your favorite music or a light dimmer so you don’t have to adjust to the bright fluorescents in the early mornings. 2020 is all about giving yourself more you-time, and honestly, the bathroom is a great place to have it.

    Accessories & additions


    Photo by Stoffer Photography

    Freestanding vanities

    The idea of freestanding vanities in the bathroom stems from the desire for customization and making the space feel like yours. Vanities that are attached to the wall feels like a default, which takes away from that personal feeling. Having a vanity that’s freestanding not only makes it feel more than the default, it also provides the chance to truly customize that little area of the room. Choosing the color and style, changing up the sink, adding your special touches to the cabinets, etc. It’s like a special piece of furniture that’s yours and only yours.

    Using freestanding vanities also gives you the option to change it up more easily, like if you’re feeling a more modern cabinet style in a few years or you want to purchase a floor-to-ceiling mirror to put behind it. Again, customization is key and can be accomplished with this one piece of furniture.

    Double vanities

    Photo by Amy Lind

    Like the idea of opening up the shower space and making it feel more luxurious, a double vanity can do the same. Even if it’s only used by one person, adding a second vanity or doubling the size can add a sense of openness to the small room. It can give you more counter space for your essentials like makeup and/or hair products, decorations like plants or potpourri pots, or just open counter space for a less cluttered feel.

    Of course, doubling the vanity for bathrooms used by multiple people can help your morning routines by giving both people their own space. No more fighting over the sink or pushing each other out of the view of the mirror. With a double vanity, each person can have their own sink with their own mirror or section of the mirror, making mornings or shared bathroom time immensely easier. Again, self-care is the idea here; giving yourself and the other person more space is a great example of treating yo’ self.

    Photo by Pure Salt Interiors

    Round mirrors

    This trend follows the earlier trend about natural colors and textures. Bathrooms are filled with harsh lines and angles, from the tiles to the square showers, so adding roundness to the room makes it feel more natural. Curves are easier on the eyes than hard lines and corners, much like natural tones and textures are easier to look at than bright, loud neon hues. Adding them where you can, even in more rounded sinks, curvier bathtubs, and circular art or frames can add ‘warmth’ to the space, as well, and since mirrors are practically essential to a bathroom, why not implement it there?

    A round mirror is also more modern and sophisticated than a classic square or rectangle one, so it can help bring your bathroom into the 21st century as well as the new decade.

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