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    Migration to the Mountains

    With its vibrant autumn colors, plentiful waterfalls and seemingly endless mountain landscapes, the Pocono Mountain region has long been a popular vacation spot.

    Two of the first resorts in the area, Buck Hill Inn and Pocono Manor, were established in the early 1900s by Quaker communities and later transformed from religious retreats to prominent and upscale resorts, transforming the area along with them.

    Image from William Bird on Flickr
    Buck Hill Inn and Golf Club
    Image by Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
    Pocono Manor

    Unfortunately, the Buck Hill Inn closed its doors in 1990 and was demolished in 2016 and Pocono Manor, the ‘Grand Lady of the Mountains,’ was devastated by a massive fire in early November 2019. These stately resort buildings may no longer overlook the wooded hills and valleys of the Poconos, but their legacy in establishing the area as the premier relaxation destination of the northeast will last forever. Take, for instance, some of the most beautiful resort buildings still in operation: Woodloch Pines and Skytop Lodge.

    Skytop Lodge
    Woodloch Pines

    As time goes by, more and more city-folk are taking their autumn adventure to this area a step further and purchasing vacation homes, giving them the choice to stay as long as they want, or even permanently settling down among the mountains. Why, you may ask, would these city dwellers want to give up their exciting lives in the Athens of America or the City that Never Sleeps (Philadelphia and New York City, respectively)? The following are a few reasons cited by those relocating to the Pocono Mountains from one of the two surrounding metropolises.

    More space and privacy

    155 Horseshoe Drive, Effort, PA

    Living in a city like NYC or Philly means sharing an apartment or a walk-up townhome with strangers, fighting for parking space on the street and paying monthly for a space that isn’t truly yours. Moving to an area like the Pocono Mountains can cut out those issues and give you your own place to enjoy solitude and serenity.

    Some properties even come with an acre of land or more, like this private single-story in Effort. A home with that amount of free area allows for the chance to truly make the land your own, whether you want to transform your yard into a luscious garden or your own personal dog park for your furry friends.

    A cheaper way of life

    Not only is daily life in the Poconos cheaper, but it’s also more affordable to own and build in the area than it is in the city. That’s why the transition from resort to straight-up vacation home was so easy for so many. Take, for instance, this acre-and-a-half in Kunkletown that’s available for less than $20,000. For comparison, a 1.19-acre lot in Manhattan is currently listed for $1.8 million. Even in Philadelphia, a lot of similar size is listed for $625,000. Big. Difference.

    As for day-to-day life, according to Business Insider, the average monthly cost of living in New York City is more than $4,000, which includes housing, transportation, food and other necessities but does not include savings. In contrast, the average cost of living in Mount Pocono, Pa. is around $2,800 a month, 33 percent less than NYC. Also, according to a salary calculator, the same position in NYC would only pay 20 percent less in Mount Pocono, giving you a positive net change in your disposable income. It literally pays to move from New York to the Poconos!

    Image from
    Camelback Mountain Resort, Tannersville, PA

    The chance to slow down

    As mentioned earlier, two of the first resorts in the Poconos were established by Quaker communities from Philadelphia, setting the pace for the future of the region. The Quaker religion, AKA the Religious Society of Friends, was a group that practiced Quietism, or the act of being non-boisterous and non-disruptive, so it’s not surprising that the Pocono Mountain area is relatively quiet and peaceful, especially compared to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding cities.

    In spite of the slower pace and less frequent traffic jams, there are still plenty of activities to find in the area, whether you’re looking for family fun or me-time. Camelback Mountain Resort, Bushkill Falls and Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm are all unique to the area and offer activities for children and adults, and Camelback and Quiet Valley are both active year-round. And, while the drive to one of these fun locations might be long depending on where in the Poconos you decide to make yourself at home, it sure won’t be as exhausting as traveling in the city: less traffic and easier navigation.

    This listing in Cresco is relatively centralized to the entire Pocono area, minimizing your transit to whatever activity your heart may desire.

    Easy access to the rest of the world

    Now, you might be concerned, especially if you don’t plan on leaving your career in NYC or Philly, or it might sound like moving to the Pocono Mountains will completely take you off the grid. Have no fear, because both New York City and Philadelphia are less than two hours away from the Poconos (depending, of course, on traffic). Additionally, the amount of highways with direct access to the area, both state and national, is astounding. For example, I-80 stretches 311 miles from the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border to the Pennsylvania-Ohio border and US Route 209 reaches from Dauphin County, Pa. to Ulster County, N.Y. And those are just two of the many highways passing through the area.

    There are also bus routes all over the Pocono Mountain area that transport folks who work in the cities, saving people money on gas and energy on actually driving as well as giving them free time to relax before and after work. New Jersey Transit is also working on a train service that runs from Scranton, Pa. through the Poconos and out to Hoboken, N.J., providing even more public transportation to areas where people may work or want to spend time.

    If you’re looking for a lifestyle change and the reasons listed above sound great, moving to the Pocono Mountains should probably be on your to-do list. And the Cristina Primrose Team will be here to help you find your dream home in the former Honeymoon Capital of the World.

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